Welcome to the Texas Schools to Watch Network


The Texas Schools to Watch Network provides a vehicle for Texas middle-level schools to utilize one another as resources to stimulate campus planning, implement scientifically-based programs and replicating model programs to benefit tens of thousands of Texas middle grades students.

The goals of the Texas Schools to Watch® program are to:

  • Create a research-based definition of the characteristics shared by high-performing middle schools.
  • Identify high-performing, high needs middle schools throughout Texas.
  • Share the real-world strategies in place at these sites with educators from middle schools throughout the state via web-based school tours, school site visits, and phone or e-mail consultations.
  • Provide a nationally proven School Self-Study and Rating Rubric via the Internet that all middle schools can use to evaluate and improve their school's instructional program. (email for instructions)
  • Establish a statewide network of high-performing middle schools, with every high-performing school actively involved in assisting struggling middle schools that share either a geographic region or student population characteristics.

About the Texas Schools to Watch Network:

As a Member of the National Forum’s National Schools to Watch program, and as the sponsoring organization of Texas Schools to Watch, the Texas Middle School Association has endeavored to develop a network which would allow all Texas Schools to benefit from the successes of both the National and Texas Schools to Watch.

The current and previously selected Schools to Watch shall serve as mentors, coaches, and facilitators for members of the Texas Schools to Watch Network (TSTWN) by sharing STW materials, successful practices, and encouraging members to share with other schools who are continuing to improve and ultimately desire to become a School to Watch.


All Texas Schools may apply for membership to the Network. Only those campuses including one of the grades 5, 6, 7, or 8 are allowed to be recognized as a National School to Watch. (This is a requirement of the National Schools to Watch.)

  • Schools who join the Network would be teamed with current Schools to Watch campuses. Schools may ask for a particular assignment and may contact any of the current STW.
  • Schools joining the Network are encouraged to complete the STW Rubric. This activity is beneficial even if the school is not planning to seek Schools to Watch Status. Completing the rubric allows the school to examine how it compares to the standards of the National Forum’s National Schools to Watch. Such a review will serve as a helpful guide in planning activities that will benefit staff, students and the school community. This information will also provide a basis for conversations with other network schools, as well as create questions for reflection.
  • Mentoring may be available for schools desiring to complete a self-examination or to prepare for application to the Schools to Watch program. All member schools are encouraged to participate in Schools to Watch training as a means to better understand the STW expectations. These sessions are provided annually by the Texas Schools to Watch.
  • Network schools are encouraged to network with the Schools to Watch at the annual gathering of the STW, which is held, in conjunction with the annual Conference of the Texas Middle School Association.

Additional Benefits:

  • Discounted attendance to a variety of Schools to watch workshops.
  • Complimentary STW training for two (2). (Hotel and travel are not provided).
  • Members only site on the STW website.
  • Membership is free for TMSA Members There is a $50 administration fee for non-members. (mailings, communication, web cost, etc)
  • If a non-member school elected to join TMSA this $50 would be applied to the membership cost.

More Information:

  • Each year, Texas Schools to Watch identifies middle schools that are academically excellent, developmentally responsive, socially equitable, and structured for success.
  • The sites selected to be Texas Schools to Watch® model schools meet the unique challenges of their student populations and share a strong, ongoing record of student achievement.
  • The Texas Schools to Watch® program is affiliated with, and based upon criteria established by, the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform.

Contact Information:

  • Email for more information on the STW Network
  • Join the Network today